Paid Search

Search with Sprout

Search marketing meets consumers when their intent is at its highest. Be there when it matters and turn off when it doesn’t with paid search. Measure, optimise and maximise on conversion in real time.

Intelligent keyword bidding is at the heart of what makes search advertising campaigns effective. With DoubleClick Search (DS3), you have access to a powerful bid management system that considers dozens of factors to make intelligent bidding decisions in near-real time.

Both our technology, and our campaign managers, continually monitor and improve to deliver optimal performance across keyword searches for your brand every day.

Even the strongest bid optimisation technology is only as good as the data it relies on. DS3 captures fresh, accurate data from your search campaigns, together with real-time conversion data from DoubleClick’s tracking system. This gives our performance bidding suite holistic and clear insight into the current search auction landscape as well as your business objectives to make for the best possible bidding decisions.