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Media Strategy and Analytics

Performance Media powered by big data.

We are one of the largest independent buyers of search and display media with a specific focus on ecommerce based environments.

Our approach is unique and focused on activating first-party data in the development and execution of media programs.

This data-driven approach starts with actionable customer segments built using our clients’ CRM data and supplemented with our own data sets.

We then plan and purchase media across search, display, and paid social, using traditional and advanced programmatic tools.

Results are then used near real-time to optimize against advanced ROI models. You are now making more informed decisions, and receiving a higher return on investments.

Media Strategy and Analytics

Determining the media approach that will turn the right prospects into customers requires a complex mix of data, technology, analytics, strategy, measurement, and experience. When it’s done properly, a company gets to witness astounding acquisition rates of ideal customers.

It all starts with data. Who are your customers, what are their media habits? After segmenting them by behavior and value potential, we craft a unique contact strategy and media plan for each segment. Our performance-first methodology relies on innovative analytic and measurement technologies to discover the ideal tactical mix of media and channels that makes targeted segments pull the trigger. Continued measurement enables constant optimization, so the process grows more effective and efficient over time.



Paid search is one of the most customizable, measurable, and adaptable mediums available today. Its unsurpassable ability to match messaging to customers’ expressed needs and on-the-fly flexibility make it a valuable tool for achieving highly specific marketing objectives.

Sprout’s data-driven approach is a perfect philosophical match for search, as it delivers constant ROI improvement through continual optimization. Proprietary technologies allow us to use data, aligned with your KPIs, to make smarter decisions. We put a heavy emphasis on keyword quality, using a suite of management tools to determine how much incremental value each keyword will deliver.

We also have several key clients in beta for Google’s newest product, Customer Match, which makes people based-marketing a reality.



Display media offers an incredible opportunity to put a powerfully tailored message in front of the right person at the right time, driving an instant response. With a unique blend of creative potential and strategic flexibility, it can be one of the most engaging mediums when executed properly.

We excel at conceptualizing, creating, planning, and serving targeted display media over web, video, mobile, and social media.

Our data and analytics heritage enables us to continually measure and optimize the process to an impressive degree — we typically increase client performance 20-30%

Paid Social

With a world-class methodology, strong platform partnerships, and a deep desire to innovate, Sprout delivers true customer-centric paid social advertising across platforms.

Paid social now offers a unique blend of high impact formats on desktop and mobile with broad or precise targeting. Simply put, this advertising format is unparalleled in digital media.

Our full-service social advertising capability, with depth across creative, targeting, technology, and measurement, drives measured results across multiple media objectives from brand to direct response.

Through preferred status with Facebook and Twitter, Sprout brings a unique value to our clients. We are able to combine first-  and third-party data to arrive at precise target audiences, and reach them at scale with our prowess in real-time and programmatic media buying and optimization.

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