The Ins & Outs of a My Client Centre Account

So, what is a MCC Account?

A My Client Centre (MCC) Account is a powerful tool that will help you to manage and organise all of your accounts simultaneously. Your MCC Account will allow you to pull data, run scripts and take action in and across all of your accounts.

If you end up lost in the depths of Google AdWords, clicking aimlessly between ad groups, keywords and ad extensions, your MCC Account will always be there for you to make sure you have an option out. It will provide an easy way to start from the top and understand the structure of all your accounts. It will, in some instances, be your knight in shining armour and in other cases merely your overarching umbrella account. Whatever you wish to call it, the MCC Account makes your life on AdWords a heck of a lot easier!


The MCC ‘Umbrella’ Account Structure

MCC Account Structure


The MCC Account – Saving You Time

With the use of an MCC Account, you have the ability to:

  • Use a single login to access all your accounts
  • Create and Link AdWords MCC’s and Accounts
  • View the structure of your AdWords Accounts
  • Run reports from Multiple Managed Accounts


Is it hard to create an MCC Account?

Follow these steps and found out:

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Sign Up Now’
  3. Choose a username and password that must not be used to sign into other AdWords Accounts
  4. Set the general information according to your specific location, time zone and currency. Note that the selection of currency and time zone is very important!
  5. Accept the Rules of Use
  6. Congratulations you are the owner of a brand new MCC Account!
  7. Ensure you link your MCC Accounts and AdWords Accounts


Another Benefit of an MCC Account

As manager of an MCC Account you have the ability to control and manage access levels. One can do this by linking Accounts within an MCC (that your colleague will have access to) and then linking both MCC’s together. This will ensure that you can manage and have access to all MCC’s and Accounts, whereas your colleague will only have access to the Accounts within the MCC that you granted permission for access.


The Infamous MCC Dashboard

The MCC Dashboard is available at the highest level of your MCC Account. This page enables you to view a wide range of client statistics. These statistics are grouped into performance (clicks, conversions, CTR) and budget (% of budget spent, start and end dates and total spend).

Your MCC Dashboard is an efficient look into how each MCC or Account is performing. This in turn will allow you to determine if changes are needed and if your Advertising objectives are generally being reached.

I hope I have managed to shed some light on the extremely helpful MCC Account. You will use an MCC Account sooner or later, whether you like it or not. SO I suggest you get familiar with everything covered in this Blog Post so that You Do Not end up lost in the depths of Google AdWords. An MCC Account will make your life a lot easier!


The Ins & Outs of a My Client Centre Account

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