The launch of the Bizniz Bookclub

Last Friday, Sprout fired up a ‘Bizniz Bookclub’ initiative (thanks Jon!) to get us stuck into some entrepreneurial, business and productivity books. We’ve heard that smart people read books, so we want to get in on that. And I’m sure you know as well as we do that sometimes it can be hard to really sit down and do some reading.

This session is crafted to inspire us to read, and for us to share the lessons learned from what we’ve read. Ultimately, we’d like to implement some of the learnings we share from the books here at Sprout. So, in that way, it’s much like a business development session for us to expand our minds and up our game!

And yes, of course there is wine. And cupcakes.

Our first session was more of an intro than anything else and we held some discussion on which books we might like to read and share with the group. As an incentive (read: kick in the pants), we each earned ourselves a copy of “How Google Works” for committing to attending and contributing to future bookclub sessions.

We opted to meet every 2 weeks, rather often for a bookclub we’ll admit, but as encouragement to get us voraciously reading! Of course, we don’t expect to devour entire books in that time frame, but as business-related books tend to encapsulate single ideas in each chapter, building as they progress, we figured just getting through a little bit would be better than nothing at all.

At the core of our discussions was what constituted relevant, business-related reading. Although there’s no blanket solution for this one, for now we’re allowing any book from which we feel we can draw pertinent learnings. Although we’re sticking to relatively traditional notions of the book; published books and journal articles. No Buzzfeed articles. Yet.

Not everyone has committed to reading a particular book, but we’ll get better at it as we progress.

On our reading list for next time:

  • How Google Works, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg
  • Linchpin, Seth Godin
  • The Zero Marginal Cost Society, Jeremy Rifkin


The launch of the Bizniz Bookclub

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