“In Digital Marketing, change has never happened this fast before, and will never be this slow again”

“Yesterday’s approach, therefore, will not be relevant tomorrow.
To succeed, you need a forward-looking, brave, agile and progressive partner.
People with a shared DNA of skills, curiosity, dedication, passion, teamwork and fun.
Yes, fun. Because if you don’t enjoy what you do, it’s difficult to excel at it.
And we absolutely love what we do.”

Stijn Smolders, CEO

If we are all using the same tech, is there any difference?

We don’t differentiate on the technology, Sprout Performance Partners believes the importance lies in our people and their expertise


Brave. Agile. Progressive.

We are a performance-focused specialised digital media agency. We pride ourselves on being the best-in-class by having the most passionate and skilled people working on the most sophisticated tech.


Partnering with Our People

Where other agencies are happy to sit back and wait for briefs, we believe in proactive collaboration. When you partner with us, our people become an extension of your team. We immerse ourselves in your business to gain a true understanding of what you do and what makes it outstanding. This approach to our partnerships is key to our collective success.

Understanding that most agencies define performance in terms of leads
& conversions, we believe that all digital advertising should deliver value.
By focusing on efficiently engaging target audiences while working towards
effective reach at scale, we make every cent count.

Managed Services

Full-Service Campaign Management
Search Engine Optimisation
Creative Services



Let us nail your digital marketing objectives through the largest reach and richest data available through display and video campaigns, across a full-funnel approach.



Social media’s influence on digital advertising has provided access to rich audience and data segments, varying ad formats and capabilities to suit your business objectives.


SEARCH (Paid & Organic)

Make sure you’re in the right place at the right time when consumers meet their buying needs. Short text-based advertising is built on triggered keywords which ensures better positioning of a website for its specific visitors in real-time.



Our trend savvy in-house creative department is well equipped with a team of web specialists and designers, all tasked with helping our clients through the implementation of data-driven digital campaigns



Our performance team is ready to assist with business intelligence challenges and provides strategic recommendations on how to optimize and improve (cross-channel) programmatic campaigns.



For digital marketers who strive to better understand their audience and strengthen their performance marketing strategy, there’s no better tool to know than the Google Marketing Platform along with all its data capabilities.


Digital Maturity Benchmarking
Digital Transformation Facilitation
Efficiency Auditing
Insourcing Support
Custom Integration and Dashboards
Data Driven Creative

Digital Marketing Transformation

When organisations harness their data and tech in a meaningful manner it unlocks efficiencies, creates value and achieves unparalleled results. Yet, only 2% of businesses sit within Multi-Moment*


Media Centric

If you are buying media in siloes, predominantly through publishers and not programmatically, as well as using external data, you are likely in this phase.

Implement media & analytics to enhance data usage for future campaigns


Tech Centric

Integrating media & analytics, limited use of first party data & basic tech capabilities are attributes of this phase.

Emphasis turns to how best to unlock the power of tech to gather, organise and utilise data


Data Centric

A key component of this phase is tracking ROI which is done through data integration across channels.

Create synergies between established tech, data & media plans to better understand media performance

Multi Moment

Data-Driven Marketing

A characteristic of this phase is dynamic media executions across multiple channels which are optimised towards specific digital objectives across all audiences.