Remote Work-Experiences: Why we will not be returning to the office.

When Covid hit, many companies were forced to turn to remote working as a solution to continued operations. For some, this was a massive challenge, and it took some time to set up the required infrastructure. For Sprout Performance Partners, the challenge was less daunting as most of our operational activities were already in an […]

Measurement In a Changing Environment

It’s not clear how many websites and apps use Google Analytics – but look at the source code of any web page and you’ll more than likely see that UA code snippet somewhere on the page so I would guess… most do. And it’s been working perfectly well, providing fascinating and useful insights over the […]

Keeping Our Company Culture Alive Whilst Working Fully Remotely

Change, like most things in life, is constant. In the work environment, one of the biggest changes has been the move to remote working, and when this happened few organisations were fully prepared for the challenges that it would bring. Along with the lack of in-person communication, the threat of deterioration in the culture of […]

The Evolution of Sprout Performance Partners

Growing up my father owned an IT business; his business, rightly so, was focused on servicing clients ahead of marketing himself. In that era, word-of-mouth sufficed, but there was always a lack of additional promotion. And at Sprout Performance, I realised a similar pattern with respect to how we portray ourselves in the market and […]

Redefining the client-agency relationship in a COVID world.

COVID has changed almost every facet of human life; how we socialise, how we shop, how we commute, how we work and how our businesses’ work. Closing physical doors for indefinite periods of time, curfews and limiting the numbers of people in businesses when they are open, have had a devastating impact on companies. Many […]

From Search Engines To the User: How SEO Has Evolved

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is all about the user. There is a misconception that SEO is for search engines and if you want to rank higher you must cater to what search engines want. That’s not entirely true. Search engines are there for the user so that means SEO is for the user. The […]

End to end marketing and reporting with the Google Marketing Platform (GMP)

Over the past decade Digital Marketing Maturity and digital marketers’ objectives have evolved. Back then the challenge was hitting a low cost-per-click or high clickthrough rate. Today digital marketers are contemplating personalisation, audience frameworks, platform integrations, cross channel attribution… the list goes on. Introduction of GMP Fortunately, while digital marketers’ challenges have evolved, so too […]

How Digital Maturity is changing the marketing game

As a  Google Marketing Platform Partner, we understand that most agencies define performance in terms of leads & conversions, however, we believe that all digital advertising should deliver value. Our ethos is Performance in Partnership, and it’s those partnerships that allow us to unlock collective success. It’s quite untraditional and we know that, however, with […]