While the right technology, audience and creative strategies are important for success, it’s equally important to have the right team and team structure in place to take advantage of these capabilities. SPP can provide outsourced resourcing support and organisational design workshops that break silos, improve cross team communication and collaboration, develop more agile workflows, improve […]


As digital marketing becomes more demanding it becomes critical to automate time consuming and repetitive processes. From a media buying perspective the SPP team implements solutions and strategies that automate search and display campaign execution and optimization. Vast amounts of data is streamed into the cloud for advanced analytics and modelling, while reporting is automated […]

Audience Strategy

A robust audience strategy compliments the creative strategy, ensuring the right message is shown to the right audience. Through a consultative process SPP develops an audience strategy consisting of, where appropriate and possible, 1st party CRM client data, 2nd and 3rd party data sources, website audiences, and affinity and in-market audiences that can be targeted […]


The SPP team facilitates workshops & trains creative & media buying agencies to develop & implement data driven creative strategies. Where required, SPP also offers project management solutions to ensure a successful roll out. Where end to end solutions are required, the SPP team will develop the audience & creative strategy, build creative templates & […]


The effectiveness of digital media cannot be measured successfully without the required tracking in place. The SPP team develops and implements tracking and tagging solutions that cover assets and conversion paths across all platforms. This ensures user journeys are accurately measured, conversions reported on and audiences built for remarketing during various stages in the funnel, […]

Media Buying

Digital media buying can often be fragmented across multiple platforms, resulting in over exposure, wastage and attribution gaps. At SPP audience, creative testing and tracking frameworks are first developed and implemented with each client before any media buying commences. Then a consolidated and consistent approach is applied to ensure a top down view of performance […]

Data Privacy and Security

All technology and processes utilized at Sprout Performance Partners are both GDPR and POPI compliant, with all changes to process and optimizations reviewed with platform partners to ensure continued compliance. Digital marketing is continually evolving, with data handling core to its success – even more so once the cookie is deprecated. We understand the risks […]

Creative Personalisation

The key to successfully launching, and scaling, personalised creative is to have well structured audience and messaging frameworks. This goes hand in hand with a deep understanding of data requirements by platform, and a thorough understanding of how first and third party data can be blended to identify opportunities for relevant personalisation. The accuracy of […]

Performance Data

Digital marketing creates vast amounts of performance data. Sprout Performance Partners consultancy teams assist in cleaning, deduplicating and managing that data in order to make sure it is reliable and importantly, to make it usable through technologies like Google Analytics, BigQuery and DataStudio. Included in these data views are insights from our campaign management teams, […]

First Party Data

We can help integrate your first party data; whether by CRM integration, use of a DMP or uploading customer data. This brings your most valuable data into the digital marketing ecosystem which can be leveraged in multiple ways. These can be used to gain efficiencies through use of exclusions, to expand relevant reach by use […]