Team member Nineve


Nineve is an inspiring and thoughtful leader. She runs the Design Department with excellent organisational and planning skills with a focus on teaching her colleagues through her own experiences. Always calm and collected, she is able to work miracles and she thrives under pressure. Nineve started off her career in packaging and has moved into the design space. She is …

Team Member Mitchell


After completing his BA degree in Visual Brand Communication with a major in Art Direction at AAA School of Advertising, Mitchell joined Sprout Performance to begin his career as a promising Art Director within the digital advertising world. He has shown great interest in all aspects of the creative process, including layout, illustration, strong visual use of imagery, and copywriting. …

Team member Courtney


Our Google Web Design champion Courtney is a brilliant digital designer. Her work speaks for itself: a keen eye for detail and a love for all things creative ensure Courtney’s designs are always crafted to perfection. When she’s not working on a design, she researches courses and other platforms to improve her craft.