Stijn is the driver of collaboration at Sprout Performance. With more than a decade of  experience in the advertising industry, both on a publisher side and from an agency perspective, Stijn has a wealth of digital knowledge to share with the Sprout Performance team. Before taking on his current position, he began his journey at Sprout Performance in 2011 as …


With over a decade’s experience, Ulrike’s skill set is one of the most diverse at Sprout Performance. Her impeccable leadership and intuitive overview of operations have shaped the team’s productivity and work ethic. Ulrike shows great compassion and understanding toward each individual in her role as the Operations Director. She is meticulous and precise when it comes to her work, …


You’ll find Ingrid all over the office with her high bun hairstyle and her awesome sense of style. Her ability to communicate, plan and manage the workflow of the office is impeccable. She is always there to give a helping hand and problem shoot any issue you might have. Her chilled disposition makes working with Ingrid a pleasure.


Sprout Performance’s Financial Manager Eugenia – known as Gina – is nothing short of a genius in her field. The passion and drive she has for her role show in her work; even when tensions are high and stress levels increase, you will find Gina behind her computer working away with a smile on her face.


Nosipho has been a numbers fanatic since the moment she was introduced to the Finance Department at Sprout Performance. Initially joining us as an intern, ‘Nosi’ has adjusted well and shown great potential, and has since been appointed to our full-time staff.  She is often seen moving around the office, busy making the numbers more understandable for her colleagues.


Caroline, the sweetheart. Her big heart and humbleness will win you over in no time. Her love for her work is made clear through her excellent work ethic, extensive knowledge and determined drive. Caroline’s commitment to her work is admirable and she can always be found at her desk working away – some might even say she’s a workaholic!


Carla has a love and passion for digital marketing. Her interest in communication, marketing, media and advertising has developed into the vital ability to identify key needs for the brands she works with. Carla recognises marketing opportunities not only for her clients but also for her personal brand as a vlogger.


Emma cut her teeth working in some of Jozi’s digital agencies groups Account and Project Management position. 4 years ago, Emma decided to move to the Mother City to raise her then newborn and work part time in the digital publishing space. Emma kick-started her full-time career this year with us as Digital Account Manager, but do not be fooled …


Stuart is a solution-based thinker and a team player with a methodical and hands-on approach. He is always positive, motivated and has a quirky way of looking at things. Stuart understands that account management is effectively the bridge that keeps the client/agency wheels turning and requires strategic thought, assessment, and the know-how of getting things done. Without these, the bridge …


Regina is an extremely bright and hard-working individual. She recently finished her studies as a media practitioner with a major in advertising. She joined our client service department to further her education and gain knowledge of digital marketing and performance. Regina as a quest to learn more and grow her career in digital. If she is not at her desk, …