Team Leader Mike


Mike is Sprout Performance’s powerhouse of strategy. His digital marketing career has developed in record time, and he has shown remarkable growth, leadership, compassion and wisdom that has guided him to be the successful strategist that he is today. Mike’s ability to think both strategically and creatively has enabled him to lead numerous successful departments, including Search, Display and Design.

Team Member Casey


Casey’s keen eye for detail ensures he always delivers work to impeccable standards. He works as hard as he plays: if Casey isn’t in the office producing great work as one of Sprout Performance’s Display Campaign Managers, he’s producing his own hits as a DJ.  

Wynand Putter Display Campaign Manager


Wynand initially started out as a programmer. It was when he saw the digital industry’s rapid evolution that he decided to venture out into digital marketing, and he hasn’t looked back since. A truly impressive campaign manager, Wynand believes that experimenting with new strategies and learning from opportunities and challenges are vital to being successful in this fast-paced industry.