Company Culture: An asset towards high performance

You can’t impose a workable company culture, it’s a concept that naturally develops through the refinement of all distinctive qualities of the organisation as the basis for a sustainable company culture. Truth is, our leaders are the driving force behind the existing culture.

Leaders of great companies lay the foundation for culture-building by identifying and visibly articulating the overarching purpose and core values of their organisations. Ultimately, they take responsibility for leading culture-development through action. The purpose of a leader is not to impose what a culture should be but merely invest the time and energy in cultivating a shared goal through interactions, a support system, and cooperation.

Work culture and organisational behaviour are inherent aspects of 'culture' which many confuse with perks such as free lunches, outings, and indoor games, that’s far from the truth. It’s manifested in our collective personalities and interactions between the employee and management, which is impart due to the “good stuff” like dress code, workspace, and benefits.
Our Sprout Performance culture is bound by its values. The power of culture lies in the dynamics of different backgrounds – it’s not a concept that can be imposed in any form. We believe the most powerful attribute is to be transparent but what triumphs that is collaboration. The word “we” is our strength in providing our best work when we are aligned as a collective. As much as we ignore it, teamwork is what enforces transparency because one cannot do without the other. We take ownership of our work as a collective, which is why we honour small wins as much as we celebrate big wins.

Focusing on an organisational goal creates a purpose for a working environment and puts reason behind the capabilities. Talent does not only foster competency, but it influences everything from client service to employee interactions and becoming an inspiring company for the young and vibrant talent. When it comes to a support system, we understand that we are all individuals in our own right and that’s why we support one another inside and outside the office.

As an HR & Recruitment manager, a typical day consists of staff policies, sourcing candidates, interviewing and managing the overall recruitment process. We asked Angela Lopes what she thought of our organisational culture as an asset of our workforce, “Our work culture empowers innovators to bring life to an idea. The way we lean on one another and build a strong team is the way we will constantly redefine ourselves as a company that would always hire the “right fit”, train continuously, educate and inspire to keep our talent”.

Many things have changed for the better but embracing change and adapting to the industry is what agencies should undertake. So, you’re wondering how this all comes together as a prime asset? It’s a matter of always trying to redefine ourselves and culture to suit the industry we are in. Digital marketing is not an industry that stays the same; it evolves. With Sprout growing as much as the industry does, we strive to uphold our culture through many annual team building outings and create an opportunity that encourages the out-of-box thinking, not only as a guideline but as our way of thinking. We will continue to expand but we will constantly give 102% of our skills, attention, drive, and vision to our staff because we will not lose sight of our start-up mentality.