Every year DoubleClick organises an event for industry leaders and innovators to connect with the product leads at DoubleClick to discuss where the future is headed. Sprout Performance Media Partners was invited to participate in the Dublin event and I was very happy to represent the agency.

The key topics of discussion included media integration, moving away from silo thinking, audience and machine learning, plus the importance of creative and messaging.

Globally, mindsets are shifting to recognise media as an integrated solution, rather than a siloed approach. And locally, South Africa can accelerate and optimise industry insights by means of considering two very basic factors.

Move away from silo thinking

The user should be central to your marketing efforts. And since the user journey is across channel, website and device, it is important to recognise adapt the messaging across the various phases of the journey. Only by doing this you can you ensure that you reach this user with the right message, on the right device in the right phase of your marketing strategy.

At any point that you are able to identify how your channels are adding value to the other channels and platforms, you should use the insights to bring traffic to your site. By making the complete path visible to identify how a user got there, why he got there and what he does, you can start assessing the value of each channel in the path to conversion.

Machine learning

DoubleClick DBM is using machine learning to optimise the media that is being bought programmatically. But, machine learning is still not quite mainstream yet.

A definition used quite often is: “A computer program is said to learn from experience (E) with respect to some class of tasks (T) and performance measure (P), if its performance at tasks in (T), as measured by (P), improves with experience (E).”

Where (E) would be the gathering of data, (T) would be the decisions that need to made and (P) is the evaluation of its results.

So what does this mean for programmatic media buying?

Basically all data being bought is used to train the model to make predictive decisions against a performance measure, which is used to optimise campaigns. Of course, the model needs to be adjusted by a human in the set up and adjustment stage, still. The human touch is not replaced, but it’s a valuable addition to the algorithms used to buy media.

In summary, consider these two factors to when reviewing your media buying efforts, and look at all your media across the board, from email marketing, programmatic media buying, Adwords and affiliate marketing etc. These all form part of the customer journey, which eventually brings your new potential customers to you site and could convert them into advocates of your brand.

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