South African digital media buying agency Sprout Performance Partners is now a Premier Google Partner; a specialist agency that has been trained and certified by Google to best manage online advertising.

As a performance media buying agency, Sprout services e-commerce advertisers and operates across paid search, social channels, performance display, has an in-house creative team and offers search engine optimisation consultancy services. Through programmatic media buying, Sprout can efficiently optimise towards a conversion objective and assess the true attribution value of online media spend.

In order to qualify for the Premier Partnership status, agencies must create and complete a Partners company profile, pass the AdWords certification in Google Partners, meet the spend requirement across the managed accounts, and demonstrate agency performance by delivering strong client and company growth.

Agency CEO, Stijn Smolders is thrilled with this news and the new found access to Google resources. He commented, “Having earned our Google Partner badge means that we have passed Google AdWords product certification exams, and we’re up-to-date with the latest product knowledge.

This badge affords us exclusive access to events, training, industry research, product updates, and the expert Google Partners Community. And this value and insight can therefore be passed onto our clients to deliver a superior service – one that is not readily available through all digital, marketing agencies.”

Nineve van Zyl

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