Case Study: Spur Sauces

Client Background Spur Sauces is a website that promotes Spur products, including pantry staples such as condiments, marinades, and spices, and highlights their ingredients and nutritional value. In addition, the website has a diverse range of recipes, from traditional South African dishes to international cuisine, categorised and accompanied by images and videos that prominently feature […]

Remote Work-Experiences: Why we will not be returning to the office.

When Covid hit, many companies were forced to turn to remote working as a solution to continued operations. For some, this was a massive challenge, and it took some time to set up the required infrastructure. For Sprout Performance Partners, the challenge was less daunting as most of our operational activities were already in an […]

Measurement In a Changing Environment

It’s not clear how many websites and apps use Google Analytics – but look at the source code of any web page and you’ll more than likely see that UA code snippet somewhere on the page so I would guess… most do. And it’s been working perfectly well, providing fascinating and useful insights over the […]

Top 7 Tips and tricks For Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the tools of choice when it comes to web and app analytics. Its aim is to provide insights from tracking visitors so that you can better your marketing efforts and make business decisions based on actual data. At the end of the day, you need to understand what happens on […]

7 new features in GA4

Google Analytics 4 presents significant improvements compared to its predecessor, Universal analytics. It was developed around user privacy, machine learning, audience strategies, and changes coming to the digital industry (deprecation of 3rd party cookies and browser updates around privacy). In the list below we will present you with some of the highlights GA4 has to […]

Top 5 Basic SEO Tips to improve ranking

The goal of having an online website is to become visible to your desired audience. More visibility means more impressions, however, being found in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) means nothing if you are on the second page or users are having a terrible experience on your website. This is where SEO features. Optimising these […]

Keeping Our Company Culture Alive Whilst Working Fully Remotely

Change, like most things in life, is constant. In the work environment, one of the biggest changes has been the move to remote working, and when this happened few organisations were fully prepared for the challenges that it would bring. Along with the lack of in-person communication, the threat of deterioration in the culture of […]

The Evolution of Sprout Performance Partners

Growing up my father owned an IT business; his business, rightly so, was focused on servicing clients ahead of marketing himself. In that era, word-of-mouth sufficed, but there was always a lack of additional promotion. And at Sprout Performance, I realised a similar pattern with respect to how we portray ourselves in the market and […]

Redefining the client-agency relationship in a COVID world.

COVID has changed almost every facet of human life; how we socialise, how we shop, how we commute, how we work and how our businesses’ work. Closing physical doors for indefinite periods of time, curfews and limiting the numbers of people in businesses when they are open, have had a devastating impact on companies. Many […]