Data Privacy and Security

All technology and processes utilized at Sprout Performance Partners are both GDPR and POPI compliant, with all changes to process and optimizations reviewed with platform partners to ensure continued compliance. Digital marketing is continually evolving, with data handling core to its success – even more so once the cookie is deprecated. We understand the risks […]

Creative Personalisation

The key to successfully launching, and scaling, personalised creative is to have well structured audience and messaging frameworks. This goes hand in hand with a deep understanding of data requirements by platform, and a thorough understanding of how first and third party data can be blended to identify opportunities for relevant personalisation. The accuracy of […]

Performance Data

Digital marketing creates vast amounts of performance data. Sprout Performance Partners consultancy teams assist in cleaning, deduplicating and managing that data in order to make sure it is reliable and importantly, to make it usable through technologies like Google Analytics, BigQuery and DataStudio. Included in these data views are insights from our campaign management teams, […]

First Party Data

We can help integrate your first party data; whether by CRM integration, use of a DMP or uploading customer data. This brings your most valuable data into the digital marketing ecosystem which can be leveraged in multiple ways. These can be used to gain efficiencies through use of exclusions, to expand relevant reach by use […]

Owned Platform Data

Collecting data based on website or app interaction is central to building high-intent audiences, whether used directly for remarketing or personalisation of media; or indirectly as a seed for similar or lookalike audiences. Sprout Performance Partners can implement the tracking required, build the audience frameworks required to manage these audiences and implement them correctly into […]

Closing the Loop

Vital to maximising performance of platform bid algorithms and campaigns, is feeding offline data (business data) back into the online eco-system – commonly known as Offline to Online tracking. This will allow platforms to optimize toward actual business results as opposed to conversion events. At SPP, all data is handled in compliance with POPI and […]

Tagging & Tracking

The foundation of how you run and report on media starts with a robust tagging and tracking infrastructure. In order to successfully optimize campaigns, platform level tracking must be in place – and must be accurate. In order to report on holistic performance, overarching tracking must be placed and accurate. Having a consistent naming convention […]

The Holistic Approach

A single source of truth is core to the SPP way of viewing media performance, and focuses on a de-duplicated view of performance across all active media channels. The focus shifts from platform led reporting, to full funnel reporting – which includes attributed value. Essential considering that users are active across a lot of channels, […]

Tracking & Reporting

The SPP consultancy team can assess, optimize and implement tracking and tagging solutions across your properties. We’ve got expertise across the Google stack, including implementation experience on Google Analytics 4. We can also implement across other digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once tracking is sound, the consultancy team can build automated dashboards, […]


Media platforms can report on performance within their own ecosystems, siloed reporting. Users, more now than ever, touch multiple digital ecosystems in their daily routine; they live in many silos. At SPP we believe in finding the Single Source of Truth, deduplicating silo’d reporting. We understand which platforms and campaign types are best suited to […]