Tagging & Tracking

The foundation of how you run and report on media starts with a robust tagging and tracking infrastructure. In order to successfully optimize campaigns, platform level tracking must be in place – and must be accurate. In order to report on holistic performance, overarching tracking must be placed and accurate. Having a consistent naming convention […]

The Holistic Approach

A single source of truth is core to the SPP way of viewing media performance, and focuses on a de-duplicated view of performance across all active media channels. The focus shifts from platform led reporting, to full funnel reporting – which includes attributed value. Essential considering that users are active across a lot of channels, […]

Tracking & Reporting

The SPP consultancy team can assess, optimize and implement tracking and tagging solutions across your properties. We’ve got expertise across the Google stack, including implementation experience on Google Analytics 4. We can also implement across other digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once tracking is sound, the consultancy team can build automated dashboards, […]


Media platforms can report on performance within their own ecosystems, siloed reporting. Users, more now than ever, touch multiple digital ecosystems in their daily routine; they live in many silos. At SPP we believe in finding the Single Source of Truth, deduplicating silo’d reporting. We understand which platforms and campaign types are best suited to […]

Personalisation at Scale

Remove the complication and start your journey to scalable personalisation of your digital marketing. We’ve developed audience frameworks which make your 1P and the relevant 3P data effective tools in personalisation. Our in-house team can build those into Dynamic Creative and Dynamic Remarketing solutions; which makes your creative contextual and reduces production costs across the […]

Platforms & Channels

Media buying is managed by our teams of in-house programmatic specialists; buying across Display, Video, Audio, Search and Social. We have partnerships with Google, Facebook and Ad Dynamo; all with in-market teams, which allow access to alpha and beta products as well as support and training. We also have an extensive range of publishers we […]

Holistic Digital Strategy

Informed by research, supported by data and molded by experience; our strategy teams ensure business objectives are translated into successful digital strategies. We keep abreast of the latest ad tech and digital media by leveraging our industry partnerships for you; from finding the right audiences, to converting them. Gone are the days of siloed, platform […]

Off Site SEO

Links coming to your website from external sites can bring excellent value to your organic presence, however, they can also be just as damaging. Having eyes on your backlink profile at all times is very important for rooting out and removing harmful links pointing towards your domain.

Technical SEO

A house can’t be built unless there is a foundation, which is exactly what technical elements on a website act as. All the best content is worthless if search engines cannot crawl a website and index pages in an effective manner, and therefore we strive to set your website up with all necessary technical elements […]

On Site SEO

The importance of thorough keyword research and strategic implementation cannot be overstated. It is also added value when an SEO agency can provide copy in order to save the client having to also commission copywriting services.