When Covid hit, many companies were forced to turn to remote working as a solution to continued operations. For some, this was a massive challenge, and it took some time to set up the required infrastructure. For Sprout Performance Partners, the challenge was less daunting as most of our operational activities were already in an online environment, including online communication channels for daily interactions and the use of online project management tools for efficient communication and planning across teams in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Our teams were able to go from working in an office to remote working with limited friction & disruption in the daily processes. What seemed to be a bleak and nightmarish challenge for other companies was a quick shift on our end.

Why did we decide to remain remote after many other companies went back to the office?

As a people-first organization, Sprout Performance Partners management engaged with employees and quickly realized that there was an overwhelming preference and appreciation for remote working and its advantages which included spending less time commuting, saving on travel costs, and a better work-life balance.

This in turn created great benefits for the company, including increased motivation in our team members, higher productivity, and opportunities to hire talent without geographical restrictions. We can source and acquire specialists based on talent and not their location. This also provided an opportunity to reinvest overhead cost savings into our team members through funding additional training, employee wellness efforts, and events & activities planned by our “Culture Council”.

The workspace is forever evolving and whilst working from home has always been a coveted perk, it has become a reality for many employees. Remote working is happening at a grand scale and many companies have been able to successfully adapt to the change, reaping many benefits.

For us at Sprout Performance Partners remote working is the new way of working and it is here to stay. We continue to evolve and grow our remote working processes and equip our teams for success through the best technology and systems that enable seamless work experiences. Culture is kept alive by open communication, aligning our employees to our company values, being collaborative, passionate, forward-thinking, and having fun while doing what we are great at.