Media Measurement

Media Measurement

We specialize in full funnel digital marketing, and in order to do this we have bespoke funnels and measurement frameworks to establish the right channel selection for your business. We view performance with attributed value in mind, moving past the last click mentality that handicaps growth.

Our consultancy teams can scope and implement tracking across your platforms; and also integrate your business data for a true view of performance.

The Holistic Approach

A single source of truth is core to the SPP way of viewing media performance, and focuses on a de-duplicated view of performance across all active media channels. The focus shifts from platform led reporting, to full funnel reporting – which includes attributed value. Essential considering that users are active across a lot of channels, most of which are walled gardens which don’t easily allow for proper attribution.

Tagging & Tracking

The foundation of how you run and report on media starts with a robust tagging and tracking infrastructure. In order to successfully optimize campaigns, platform level tracking must be in place – and must be accurate. In order to report on holistic performance, overarching tracking must be placed and accurate. Having a consistent naming convention that spans all tracking infrastructure is also key to consistency and effective management of campaigns. 

Closing the Loop

Vital to maximising performance of platform bid algorithms and campaigns, is feeding offline data (business data) back into the online eco-system – commonly known as Offline to Online tracking. This will allow platforms to optimize toward actual business results as opposed to conversion events. At SPP, all data is handled in compliance with POPI and GDPR, removing the risk of data security issues completely.