Social Media

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll agree that Social Media is here to stay, and social media ads are a unique and engaging medium to target consumers. At Sprout, we don’t just post ads on Facebook. We utilise rich audience data segments, varying ad formats and capabilities to suit your business. We use these platforms to drive your consumers to perform the desired result. Yes, that’s right, we specialise in making sure your consumers buy your product.

Social Media Channels

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is where we focus our paid media. These platforms offer a variety of audiences and ad formats enabling us to successfully drive the various objectives of a modern business.

Targeting & Capabilities

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn offer a wide variety of targeting capabilities. From the high intent behavioral data segments in Facebook, to hashtag and keyword targeting in Twitter through to business orientated niche targeting in LinkedIn.

The strategy employed by Sprout will amalgamate the best of all three channels in order to achieve the desired result.

Key focus areas that Sprout would utilize on social media channels would include:

  •   The use of custom audiences from advertisers CRM data
  •   Dynamic Remarketing on Facebook
  •   Lead Ads on Facebook
  •   Unique Twitter ad formats (conversational cards in driving engagement and awareness)
  • Promotion of content on LinkedIn to extremely relevant audiences.

Why Social with Sprout

By tailoring the channels, ad formats and audiences targeted, Sprout will devise a strategy to achieve the desired results. By tracking all social advertising efforts in the Google Marketing Platform, we have a full view into how the various channels play a role in the path to purchase.