Sprout Performance Partners’ operations have been centered on performance media since inception, with a particular focus on full funnel media strategy and consolidated media buying. As technology has evolved, our strategy has become increasingly customer-centric. As our expertise developed alongside platform capabilities, we acknowledged the demand for consulting in order to improve services to advertisers directly and indirectly through supporting other agencies. And so the Sprout Performance Partners consultancy division was born. As the most prevalent platform in-market, Google Marketing Platform is where our focus lies. We can now proudly announce our status as Google Marketing Platform Service partners, which allows us to support advertisers and agencies on behalf of Google. 

“I’m very proud of the work and case studies the consulting team put forward to achieve these certifications and subsequent partner status. I am looking forward to sharing best practices around advanced feature implementation and usage with our partner clients, to help future proof their businesses and increase their digital ROI”, says Jeremy Abbott, Head of Consulting, Sprout Performance Partners.

On the surface, supporting other media agencies in their digital growth seems to be a conflict of interest. Some of the very agencies we support are some of the agencies we see in the same RFP processes. And so it is important that we establish our commitment to consultancy from the outset, and that is the commitment to elevating the industry as a whole. By empowering our agency peers, we’re in-turn empowering and educating advertisers too. A common understanding of digital maturity, platforms as an enabler and the value realised from these initiatives helps us all. This is reinforced by clear and transparent ways of working, having the agency buy-in and trust is most important. 

“We are not after agencies’ relationships with their clients or after their media budgets. We are there to help agencies accelerate the growth with their customers, we are completely transparent about what we do and how we work.  Boundaries are clearly defined and agencies are always in the lead of the relationship.” Says Ulrike du Toit – Operations Director, Sprout Performance Partners

The global media landscape is changing and this should be evident to us all. The need for sound understanding of platforms, the importance of being customer centric and the drive to digitally transform are all key to the longevity of the industry. If we want to grow the industry in South Africa, we all need to adapt and become more supportive than adversarial. Sprout Performance Partners’ are invested in this change, and look forward to growing relationships industry-wide. 

Micha Suarez de Koning – Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Sprout Performance Partners.

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