Our Work

Our inhouse design team creates custom creatives and templates following international best practices and guidelines for web, mobile and app executions. Creatives range from social to display, embracing HTML5, native, data driven and bespoke formats.


Native creative have no fixed dimensions and are specifically designed to match the look and feel of any given website, conforming to their editorial guidelines so the creative closely resembles the site content.

Data Driven Creative

Data driven creative are template-based creatives that get populated dynamically based on predefined signals provided by a user, for instance their location, time of day or particular 1st party or intent based audience they are part of. 


HTML5 creatives conform to international IAB guidelines and cover a wide variety of formats and executions, making them suitable to serve on must publisher websites. These formats include standard and expandable display banners, overlays, in-banner videos and custom built executions.  

Click on the thumbnail to see animated banners.