Programmatic Audio Ads


First National Bank (FNB) wanted to find new and innovative digital channels to land a brand awareness message to a wide audience.


To ensure FNB stayed at the forefront of digital change as well as to increase reach and engagement, digital audio was utilised as part of a cross channel, brand awareness campaign. Audio assets for terrestrial radio stations were adapted for use on the digital properties of the stations. Through DV360’s audio solution PMP’s were concluded with major South African radio stations and music apps.

Additionally, as part of the targeting strategy audiences were created in Google Analytics and shared to DV360 for audio retargeting.

Following the same theme, campaign messaging was utilised across DV360 targeting display and Trueview assets in order to increase awareness and reach within the strategy.


Audio Performance

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Website Engagement

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Bounce Rate
Audio ads resulted in a 42% lower bounce rate compared to all user traffic
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Session Duration
Audio ads resulted in a 34% increase in average session duration compared to all other user channels.